Friday, December 12, 2008

Uncivilized Worship - Part 2

Processing more thoughts on our worship being too civilized. (Go here for Part 1.)

Worshipping in spirit and truth doesn't mean look spiritual while speaking the truth. It means be authentic and honest in your worship. We have to lead authentically--be who we are before God. We need to be surrendered human beings worshipping a FANTASTIC AND MIGHTY GOD with everything that's in us... not think like sanctified-and-set-apart church people singing to our oh-so-Holy Father in Heaven by clapping on 2 and 4.

I think there's a "church worship team" mold that we need to break out of.

David broke out of it. In 11 Samuel 6 he danced so freely and authentically before the LORD, that it offended the temple-Pharisee mindset in his wife, Michal. I want to worship God with the same abandonment and joy. I want to care less about what people think and care more about what God thinks. I want to let go of the restraints that say "do it this way"... I don't want to be cookie-cutter, I want to be real.


ST said...

Let's do it!

What scares me is that maybe we ARE being real when we don't worship with reckless abandon. Maybe we haven't yet caught a revelation of whom we're worshipping - the "FANTASTIC AND MIGHTY GOD". Lord, help us!

Stacey said...


ST...that is an interesting perspective and I pray for a revelation for us all of WHO it is we are worshipping.

Hope Clark said...

Stacey and ST,
Yes...interesting perspective and one I suspect is true. His marvelous majesty is a mystery to those who don't seek deeply. I guess that's part of what we're here for... to help those who can't see to see more deeply.