Monday, January 5, 2009

Authentic Vs. Relevant: Part I

Besides the greeter who smiles broadly, offers you a bulletin, and ushers you into church... the music is generally the first thing you notice. (Unless you're one of those rare breeds that actually comes to church early.) You scan the faces of the people on stage, the lights, the set up, the sound, the crowd, the room. And then you look for an inconspicuous seat.

The worship team is generally one of the first thing visitors notice.

Recently our worship team was having a discussion about how to be more relevant... how to be appealing, more "attractive" to the people we are called to reach. How do you "BE" relevant if you aren't? And if you're tying to be something you're not... how do you maintain your authenticity? What's my authenticity, anyway? Are you talking about the length of skirts, or my hair cut, or the way I worship?

The conversation was interesting... and one that I think more worship teams need to open up.

Here are my thoughts. I think you have to start with what your calling is. You may call it your purpose or a missions statement. Who is your church called to reach? Those are the people you are called to minister to and to serve by leading them to the throne room.

The Well is called to the seeking, the hurting, and the next generation. We are planted in an affluent, young/middle-aged multi-cultural location. Your church may have a real heart for the homeless and reside in an all-white location. Or, you may be called to minister primarily to the elderly in a predominately Hispanic community. Wherever you are... you have to determine your purpose and who you are called to reach.

Once you know who you are trying to reach, the next step is relevance. That's it for now... more to come on Wed.

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