Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fasting Funk

We're on day 13 of The Well's 21-day Daniel Fast. It's been good, but surprisingly hard this time. Sometimes (generally) when I fast, it's great. After the first day or two, I begin to get so much out of it. It feels like I become alive and I sense and see more spiritually than I normally do.

This time, that didn't happen until... yesterday. Yeah. That would be day 12. I've been unusually irritable and short most of the time. Reading the Word and praying have been a determined, daily duty... not a exciting, desirable privilege. I don't know... maybe my garbage is floating to the surface. Or maybe the opposition is stronger than I think. Either way... I'm gonna keep on fasting. And reading the Word. And praying. Because my life really does depend on it.

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