Monday, January 26, 2009

The Well Pushes On

Like the new logo? We've changed things up. We're getting ready to do a lot of outreaches in the next few weeks.

It's really exciting. :) We've concentrated all of our efforts on getting out into the community and blessing people. This coming weekend, we'll be at the Lake Mary Farmer's Market providing live music, drama, children's crafts, a web-cam give-away, and free water. The next weekend we'll be doing a car wash in Deltona. We'll be giving away balloons and bubbles at little league games and soccer games after that. Free water at skate parks. House parties and cookouts. The list goes on....

Yes, it's still been tough. Yes, I've been very discouraged at times. No, I haven't always had the best attitude. No one has any idea how hard and discouraging and lonely this road is until you walk it.

But on the days when my head has sunk down until the only view I see are my worn out shoes, then someone on the team will say something--usually Pastor Joseph--that will remind me to look up. And I'll see others around me. And not just my team, but other God-believers, other churches, praying and fighting for Lake Mary. And it encourages me.

Because it's not about making disciples of The Well. It's about making disciples of Jesus Christ. It's about being a witness of His. It's about those who are waiting to see and hear the truth of God through my actions and words. The Well is simply the vehicle that God has given us to accomplish that goal. The reason we press on is so big and so worth it. And it's for that reason that I'm excited.


Emily said...

Hope, you are one of the most persistent, loyal, and faithful people I know. It is amazing to watch you and Kenneth feel such passion and motivation to keep this going (of course among quite a few others, but since I know you and Kenneth much more personally, I will only speak to that:)). I pray that your work will bring forth much fruit. Love to you all.

Hope R. Clark said...

Hey Emily!
Thanks so much for your kinds words. :) You are an encouragement and I agree with you... may He produce much fruit through us!