Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Our family went camping for a night this weekend for Valentine's Day. Just us, God, and peace and quiet. It was a bit cold in the morning, and we couldn't have a camp fire, but we had a fabulous time...especially with God and eachother. (Click here for more photos.)

(Forget the fact that we're both reading The Shack right now... and we're camping... and we have our precious little daughter with us. We didn't lose sight of her for a second!)

The park has this large lake with a very long boardwalk that is built out over the lake, then comes back through a dry swamp area, finally circling back to one of the trail heads.

The first time we walked it was at about 5:30pm - 6:00pm, just before dusk. Walking out onto the first twenty feet or so, we both stopped. It felt like walking the plank of death. The wood was weathered and creaked. The water was glassy and black as night. The sky overhead was gray and cloudy. Two menacing gator heads floated out in the water, watching us, until they slowly disappeared without a ripple. Nothing stirred and it felt as though the whole scene was just waiting for us to get out into the middle of the lake and then planned to swallow us whole. We didn't know if the boardwalk would hold us. Visions of swimming away from gators floated through my head as I held onto Bentley tighter and Kenneth grasped Selah. It took a bit of gumption and under breath prayers to walk the whole thing.
The next morning, we decided to do it again. And it was totally different... light breeze, blue skies, rippling water, singing birds, and one baby gator sunning herself on the shore. (I say her because she was actually cute.) We could have stayed out there for hours. Both wished that we had brought out Bibles to have our devotions out there. It was just beautiful.

It led us both to think... It's amazing how the perspective on your circumstances change when they are introduced to The Light.


Stacey said...

For some reason I couldn't get more pictures to pop up. :o( I LOVED the Shack. I read through it the first time about two years ago and then I read through it again at the end of 2008. I imagine that I will read it again. :o)

Emily said...

Thinking about the shack... you guys are one of many many that have read/reading it.

Ummm... I really enjoyed the spiritual link, but I'm still fixated on the actual reality that you had gators staring you down, daring you to come out so that they could eat you!!!! AH! But I will dwell on the great perspective that you brought. :-)

Hope R. Clark said...

I fixed the photo link--try again!

You're crackin' me up... :)