Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This afternoon is absolutely beautiful. The tempurature, the breeze, the quietness.

I'm basking in the beauty of it while I work from my office. Right now I find myself amazingly thankful for windows. That may sound silly. But I've been in places and rooms around the world where there were no windows. Places where people worked and slept and ate and lived--and I'm not talking about prison. And there was no fresh air, no way out, so sun coming in.

A window represents so many things. I'm grateful for windows that let the air in and the dust out. I'm grateful for windows that let the sun in and keep the rain out. I'm grateful for windows that give us a way out when there seems to be no door. I'm grateful for the windows in our lives that let the Son come in and dispell the darkness. I'm very grateful.

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