Monday, March 30, 2009


Selah has her father's feet. It's true. They're quite large. (The better to balance with.)

So, I've been looking for some new shoes for her because the one pair that she had is just not working anymore. We have one in waiting, but they are still too big. And of course, I don't want to spend a lot of money.

So, I look at Wal-mart. How can they charge $10 for a pair of shoes half the size of mine, yet I can get sandals on sale for $6?

Then we go to Shoe Land--supposedly the best cheap shoe store in the area. $10 for baby shoes that aren't even cute. Come on!

Then I take a bag of clothes into Goodwill to drop of for donation. And what do I find but the cutest pair of size six baby sneaks. Just her size and just my price. $3.00. Perfect. Ah...the hidden benefits of giving. :)


Joseph said...

That's so funny! I guess we should all give more, who knows what we might get in return?! :)

Hope R. Clark said...

So true!! The benefits are endless... :)

Melissa said...

Well.. I was about to say that I would send Selah all of Kileys outgrown shoes I have sitting here...but she's almost a full year yonger and has the same size feet!!! I bet Selah was an early walker ;D

melissa said...

(ps-your cousin lisas daughter melissa, in case you were wondering..)

Hope R. Clark said...

Hey Melissa!
Hope you are well! Good to hear from you! Oh my goodness... yes, the size of her feet becomes really obvious when she's around other's her age. :) Selah started walking at 8.5 months--only a month after learning to crawl. I was so not ready for it!