Monday, March 23, 2009

It's raining today. Thank God for the rain! We haven't had any in so long that is was strange to see this wetness falling from the sky.

I believe that the shower we had yesterday evening was a direct answer to prayer. Yesterday afternoon, while we were doing laundry and watching a movie at the house, a brush fire popped up a couple streets over from our house. The smoke was everywhere in a matter of minutes. We shut all the windows and watched. The firetrucks came moments later. Then, within the hour--it seemed like out of nowhere--clouds formed, and an afternoon shower rained down for 20 or 30 minutes. The first shower we had seen in probably months. The fire was completely quenched and the smoke dissipated.

In the middle of the shower, I suddenly had this feeling that the rain I was seeing was an answer to someone's prayer. Then I realized that it hadn't been my prayer. I hadn't prayed.
It's very humbling to see God respond to someone else's faith in action and then realize that you hadn't even gotten your faith up off the couch.


Stacey said...

That is definitely a good word and something to think about. How many times as Christians do we see blessings in our lives or answers to prayers in our lives because of other people's prayers when we didn't even lift up a prayer ourselves. I love to watch the body of Christ at work. God is good...All of the time and it shows how much He really does have our backs. :o)

Hope R. Clark said...

So true! I was so humbled by it.
But so glad that God is so GOOD to us. :)