Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Musing

Yesterday was one of those worship sets where I felt like two left feet in a room full of dancers.

I couldn't keep tempo to save my life, then forgot the beginning to two of the song, and the list goes on. Then, after service, when I was feeling about as talented and qualified as a cockroach, someone came up to me and enthusiastically said worship was awesome. (And they aren't one to blow smoke.)

I stared for a moment and then said thanks, thinking that if I just take it at face value, it would be better than swallowing the hidden joke that it certainly must be. And then I realized that they were serious.

Thanks for the reminder. So glad this is not about me. So glad that worship is not a graded performance where critics count every measure and mark off points with a red pen. So glad it's more than the music and the words. I'm so glad that my inadequacies are beautiful inside your adequacy.


Anonymous said...

That is life. Things cannot always be perfect, no matter how hard we try to make it so. Once you have tried your best, and things do not "appear" to have turned out the way you expected, leave it in God's hands. There will be another chance to do it better. It is real hard work preparing week after week to minister in music to people. You are doing a great job. In any case it is not about you or any of us: it is about him and the people he intends to reach. He can always use our imperfect presentations to do his wonders and do the impossible. Steve.

Hope R. Clark said...

Your words are so true and encourageing. I thank God that He is the one Who really does the "work" and not I... for I would fail every time. So, true... it is about HIM and the people He intends to reach. Well said.