Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ode To A Pack 'N Play

We take our Pack 'N Play
to church on Sunday's
so the Kid's Can ladies
have an extra one for the babies.
We usually grab it at noon
when we go home for the afternoon.
But last Sunday we lay
lounging at the end of the day
when we realized to our dismay
there was no pack 'n play.
Not in the car, not in the living room
not in the garage, not in Selah's room
Alas, we left it at church,
leaving me quite in the lurch.
Packed in the storage trailer it lay
along with the other pack 'n play.
I thought, Oh dear, oh sorrow...
I have to work a 12 hour shift tomorrow.
7am, Monday morning, in it crept.
While Selah soundly slept.
9am went by without a sound
and I kept working the clock around.
10am, a strange sound it did make
for there was Selah, giggling and awake.
After breaktime, lunch, nap, & breaktime
I still needed to work more time.
What do you do when you don't have a way
to keep a toddler in a pack 'n play?
You put them in sun glasses and strollers
with comfy backs and big cup holders.


ST said...

This post's a work of art
You really are smart!
And a big hooray
For Pack n Play

Joey said...

Hope, this is hysterical!

Hope R. Clark said...

Thanks ST and Joey! I had fun with it...although I think Selah was a lot happier when the pack n play came back home! :)