Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Sounds

I'm a little stale today.

Last night I was laying awake in bed praying. Sometimes that happens--especially when I'm waiting on Selah to go back to sleep due to a random middle of the night wake-up.

I was asking God to revive me... to revive my passion for worship.

Perhaps a weird statement if you've been around The Well lately. We've been having some great breakthrough in worship in ways that we haven't had before.

But I find that I'm tired of a few things. I'm tired of the same type of worship songs being produced over and over. I'm tired of the separated genres of worship. I'm tired of the limits of my skill level. I'm tired of the same sound.

I want a new sound. I want a fresh groaning for more, a burst of adoration and abandonment that is screamed through the sound of nations, not plucked within the boundaries of a cultural genre.

And I'm not afraid to ask for it. I'm asking God for more musicians, more worshippers, and more sounds. And if He brings a choir and a horn section of angels... I'm not opposed to that either.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful prayers, inspired by a strong desire to know God more and make Him known. The Lord who answers the passionate prayers of Hannah, David, and Paul will surely answer them. What a awesome thought: praying down a choir of angels as in Luke 2 to join in and lead our worship. That will be a Wow experience. Thanks: I never thought of that before. Now I will pray differently.

Steve, NH.

Hope R. Clark said...

LOL... Hey, I'm praying right there with you. Yes, a WOW experiece... one I want to be a part of.