Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The End Of A Season

To try and describe to you my emotions over the past few days would result in a train wreck of verbiage.

At least that's what I say to myself when I think about attempting such a communication of convoluted emotions. But attempt I must... if for no other reason than to release the pressure valve before the steam explodes the engine. And perhaps, to fill in my friends and family. And for sure... to let those who have walked the same path know that they are not alone.

So to start with, I'll explain what happened.

The Church At The Well held its final service this past Sunday.

We have served at The Well since it's birth in February of 2006 and have loved this community of people so much. In fact, we moved to Florida in order to serve at this church. It's been a three and half year voyage of difficulty, impossible odds, faith, joy, excitement, growth, and life changing learning. We have seen so many lives changed at The Well, that I can't keep track. We have seen individuals realize their purpose and begin to walk in it. We have seen miracles that we would never have seen otherwise. It has been an incredible season. And I have been so deeply blessed to serve with my Pastors and our Lead Team.

Interestingly, The Well is (was) more healthy and alive than it has ever been. We started off so rocky, but have persisted and grown and changed into nearly an entirely different church than when we started. To be ending now seems surprising, at first.

There was no sin in our leadership staff. There was no dissension or malice. In fact, our Lead Team of nearly twenty people, along with church members, wept together on Sunday like the family that we are.

It was simply time.

As strange as it is to say that--or hear it said... you know it when you know it. While Kenneth and I heard the news only a few days before this last Sunday, and so had time to process it a little... we were not surprised or angry. We were sad because it's the ending of a season that has brought so much joy and growth to our family... but at the same time, there is a strange sense of completion. As though, this family of people, who have worked and served together have finally reached the point of growth that they were destined to reach here. And now, it is time to move to the next season.

Now you know what happened. I'll try and explain my train wreck of emotions, and more about our plans later.

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