Thursday, June 25, 2009

Writing Worship

I've been writing today. I'm working on a new worship song. Sometimes it's strange watching a new song take shape. I listen for sounds in my spirit and it turns in to scribbling on a sheet of paper. Wrong notes and dissonant chord slide up or down the keyboard, morphing into a sound, a rhythm, a melody, an emotion. It moves in a direction and then falls off the sheet as I try and find where it goes next. I repeat it, then wait until I hear what's next. Sometimes it's a muddle, sometimes it's crystal clear. But it's always a challenge I love. It's a conversation that I can't rationalize. It's a molding that I only help to form. It's one of my favorite things.


Anonymous said...

Birthing a song by the Holy Spirit is a challenging endeavor and the process can be both excruciating and exhilirating, but the end result makes it a worthwhile effort. Keep at it, that is the only way great songs have come to us over the centuries. Steve, NH.

Hope R. Clark said...

Thanks so much Steve. It sounds like you understand exactly what I was trying so hard to explain. Excruciating and exhilirating... so true!