Thursday, July 16, 2009

Peppered Pancakes and Pregnancy

Recently Kenneth was gone for a couple of days and I had a girlfriend come over and spend the night. It was so fun.

We decided to watch a couple of chic flicks, one of which I promptly bawled half the way through. I think I would have cried even if I wasn't pregnant but being pregnant didn't help.

I also was craving some pancakes, so we decided to make breakfast for lunch. My friend whipped up some incredible eggs and I worked on the homemade pancake batter. I added extra vanilla extract and a dash of Cinnamon to give them some flavor. Just when I was starting to salivate for a taste of my homemade creation, I looked down and saw myself pouring black pepper into the batter. I saw my friend making the eggs and my mind never made the transition back to the pancake batter... so I began to season it like I would eggs. Sheesh.

I cleaned out what I could and they turned out to be quite good. Maybe that's yet another side effect of pregnancy... the fact that I like peppered pancakes.


Arissa said...

I love hearing pregnancy tales!! You made me very hungry with your descriptions. You and I were doing similar things recently b/c Adam was out of town and I had two girlfriends over and we watched chic flicks too! We went to make scones in the morning but I found BUGS in the flour! Yuck!

Stacey said...

Hope....Next time you make pancakes put a little peanutbutter in them. A friend made them like that for Jonathan and I one morning and oh my...they were delicious!!!