Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hospital Dry Run

So, there we are this past Sunday evening trying to get into the hospital, but the Baby Suites door is locked. We visited a month or so ago but weren't able to get in to actually see the Baby Suites at the time. Although I was doubtful of the sincerity of the statement, we had been told that the Baby Suites was too full for a tour.

So now, it's only 6pm, but the Baby Suites door is locked, requiring us to drive all the way around to the back, to the Emergency Room entrance. My contractions are now 8 to 9 minutes apart and I'm sweating, but it's still three weeks till my due date. We get back in the car and drive around back. We speak to the ER receptionist and she sends us to the guard to get name badges so we can walk down to OB (Obstetrics).

"OB?", grumbles the guard. "Ok... ok. First I gotta figure out what the heck OB is."

"Um," holding my belly and leaning against the protective window glass, "I'm going to have a baby."

"Oh!" He looks up. "That tells me." He grins. I give him a half smile and look at Kenneth, astonished that the security guard at the hospital doesn't know what "OB" is.

He gives us our badges, then lets us through the security door and into a long hallway. As the door closes behind us, he says, "I sure hope you know where you're going, 'cuz I don't!"

Kenneth and I stand there and look at each other, still more astonished. "Gee... so much for hospital security."

A male nurse, wheeling someone into the cat scan room asks if we need help, seeing us wander at a slow pace down the hall. He then has to double check with someone (how do employees not know where hospital departments are??) before sending us upstairs. We get upstairs and find that he's sent us to the Nursery, not Labor and Deliver.

"Oh! You need to go to Labor and Deliver," says a sweet old nurse. "What are you doing up here??"

We just look at each other again and try to explain. She takes us down to Labor and Delivery, then walks back to her post, explaining to a co-worker how she helped a poor lost couple find their way, saying, "You know how it is...."

"Where have you two been?" says the nurse in Labor and Delivery. "The Doctor said that you would be here 15 minutes ago!" We didn't even try to explain this time.

So, after all that, we're now back home with Baby Moriah still in the oven. The contractions slowed after taking some muscle relaxers and several hours of laying down. I've now been grounded to the sofa or the bed for the rest of the week, in an attempt to keep the contractions from becoming consistent again. We're hoping for at least one more full week of development for Baby Mo. I'm reading a lot and Selah is watching a lot of cartoons and playing with a lot of puzzles and books.

And I'm still laughing at our first dry run at the hospital. I'm so glad that we'll know exactly where to do this time--without having to rely on any employees to help direct us.


Anonymous said...

Poor Hope! You know I work at a hospital and I don't know where every department is either. It's because I'm hired for one area, which I never leave. But usually, someone I can ask will know. Good resting this week, I know it's hard but worth it :-)

Anonymous said...

from Gina

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's crazy. You will have such a story for Moriah when she's older. Glad you'll know where you're going next time. No delivery in the radiology department for you! Love you and can't wait to hold my new baby girl. Kristi

Stacey said...

Hope...that is a crazy story. I am glad that you will know where you are going next time! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hope- The thing that is so precious abou this story is that even though you were having preterm labor and contractions--you probably didn't yell at anyone. That is impressive! That is a testament to Christ in your heart, because that is not a time when it is easy to hold your tongue. I will be praying for you in the coming days, and we are in the same boat. We are in the final stretch- waiting the arrival of a new little love :)
Kat Willcox

Hope R. Clark said...

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts everyone! Like you said, I am only too glad to know exactly where to go next time. :):)