Monday, October 26, 2009

Buying Into Fear

God did not give us a spirit of fear...

No, we go in mass to purchase one for $9.50 at the box office.

I'm increasingly bothered by how fear has become such big business. And people all around me are flocking to succumb to it. It used to be that a couple scary movies would come out a year, generally right around Halloween. Now it's all year round.

On top of it, the newest horror movie is so scary that people are actually getting up and walking out of it. It's a disturbing, low budget film supposedly documenting paranormal events, called Paranormal Activity. Reputable people are actually saying that the movie affected their lives and left them afraid.

The fact is, I believe demonic activity exists. I have learned about it, and I've learned from good sources. I simply believe that God's power and authority is far more powerful. By watching these movies and TV shows, we give them more power in our lives than they really have. We buy into the helpless paralysis of fear.

What a shame that we spend money and time getting enslaved by something that Perfect Love died to give us freedom from.


Thea said...

Amen is all I can say. The review is nauseating enough.

Hope R. Clark said...

Seriously. It makes me mad.

Valerie said...

I hard for me to not get upset when I think about the fact that I just brought a child into this world. I want so bad for it to be a better place for her. Sigh. This post is well written and well said.