Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Recovery Report

It's now been two weeks since Moriah's birth. I'm now nearly completely healed from the cesarean. Yesterday was my first day without help and it was good... they were certainly a handful, but it was good.

Selah took yesterday to introduce me to the world of pooping in the crib. She stripped her diaper off after her nap, then pooped and peeped in the crib. Thankfully, she didn't scoop it up and write on the wall. Instead, she sat there with it all over her legs, crying, saying, "Eeewwww, nast!! Eeeewww, nast!!!" (Her way of saying "Eww, nasty!")

Moriah sleeps, eats, poops, pees, cries every once in a while... then does it all over again. She's up every two hours, so I'm not sleeping well at nights yet. It will come with time.

Selah had her hair cut because she's been breaking it off during her sleep. I cried when I cut it, but it looks really adorable.

This birth was much less traumatic for me than the first. Oh, it was certainly not pleasant. But the process was so much quicker than the first time. We arrived at the hospital at about 4:30am on Monday the 28th because I was beginning to go into labor. Just over four hours later, we had a baby and were on our way to resting in our room.

I'm so grateful for this experience. It's helped me realize that c-sections really are a blessing. I don't feel nearly as defeated this time. The difficult part of recovery was over in a few days. I'm bonding much easier with Moriah than I did with Selah. They didn't like each other very well at first , but the two of them are finally doing well together.

Kenneth sent me on a treat to have my hair done last week. It feels great to be getting heading back towards feeling myself again. I'm still in the recovery haze of a sleep deprived new mother, but I'm so happy to have her in my arms instead of my belly. And I'm so looking forward to the new season we are walking into.


Valerie said...

Your haircut looks fantastic-love the color! When I went to get my pp hairdo I was in a hurry to get back and feed the baby and it got cut WAY too much. Sigh. Selah is so spunky--she cracks me up! I am really glad you are recovering so well this time..you deserve it! =)

Hope R. Clark said...

Thanks Val! I'm glad to... thank God for bodies that heal. :)

Thea said...

You look awesome! Love your hair!! You sound like you're doing well too...even the countenance of your blog post is full of life. :)
Lots of love to you!

Hope R. Clark said...

Thanks Thea...I appreciate the encouragement. I do feel better than after the first. Now if I could just get a sleep schedule down, I would feel even better!