Friday, November 27, 2009

The Face

Mommy, will you hold me?
I need to know you're there.
I know you might be busy,
But really, I don't care.

Mommy, will you hold me?
I really need you to.
I feel so alone and helpless.
And now I feel blue.

Mommy...seriously, pick me up.
I'm beginning to get sad.
It's awfully lonely by myself,
and I'm starting to get mad.

Mom. PICK. ME. UP.
I'm becoming a grouch.
I'm hot and bothered and
will spit up all over the couch.

MOTHER! That's it!!
I'm done with this place
and I need you to listen.
So, I'm giving you "The Face"!


ST said...

ROTFL!!! Love it!

Hope R. Clark said...

Yeah, that face cracks me up. :)