Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Moments To Avoid

Although a "cool" front has supposedly come through, I'm already drenched in sweat in the 85 degree weather, as I stand there astonished at the situation I find myself in. (And while it took me 45 minutes to get ready to leave the house, we had only been gone 10 minutes by this point.)

Moriah, screaming as though her life was in jeopardy, is strapped to my cheat with a baby harness--while I stand in front of the half empty double stroller. She tends to cry if she's not being held... so when we take walks, she starts out in the stroller, until she cries, and then ends up on my chest in the baby harness where she eventually calms down.

Selah, completely oblivious of the annoyance of the situation, is lounging in her half of the double stroller, munching on apple slices and watching everything with casual interest.

And Bentley, who was --against my better judgement--graced with the unusual privilege of taking a walk with us, had just pooped a stinky one right in the center of the new neighbor's freshly mowed lawn. The grass was short and stiff, so the poop stayed perched right on top of the leaves, smelly and obvious for everyone to enjoy.

So, I stood there for a moment until I could calmly say, "It's moments like these that I want to avoid in the future."


Anonymous said...

that is so funny! Love you guys!

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