Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Postpartum Brain Loss

It's official. I have actually lost brain cells. I may never recover.

Unfortunately, this postpartum brain fart may be permanent. I may as well explain how it happened, so that you won't be surprised when you begin to see the effects of it.

Last week I sent off the paperwork to get Moriah's birth certificate. I had to send in an application, a cashier's check, and a copy of my driver's license. I sent my license with Kenneth to work one day to get a copy of it. Then I mailed everything needed the following day.

Today I received the birth certificate back in the mail... with my ACTUAL DRIVER'S LICENSE taped inside it. The envelope was also double taped to make sure it would stay closed. Apparently, the office clerk knew they were dealing with an idiot who mails their license around, and taped it back inside just to make sure I got it back.

Wow. That's really all I can say. Wow.


Dawn said...

Postpartum may not be it: you may just be soooo... smart and have soooo... much in there that a tiny bit went unlocated. As in the location of your driver's license. :-)))) Love U!

Hope R. Clark said...

LOL...ok. I like that explanation much better. :)