Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Present Tense

I find that I can get caught up in planning and doing. I'm very goal and achievement oriented. Which means I use to do lists, calendars, clocks, schedules, and compartments. I clean my house in zones. I write a shopping list every time I go to the store. I prioritize. I schedule my day according to priorities. I shuffle items to do according to their department and do them in groups.

I'm not schizo. I'm not OCD (okay, maybe slightly). But I do like order and completion. And yes, I get a little annoyed when things go haywire, but hey, that's life.

One of the things I'm learning in this season is to praise Him now. So often I spend my time planning to serve Him in the future. I plan for my worship and devotion time in the morning. I prepare to go to church on Sunday. I practice my guitar in preparation for being able to lead worship with it one day. I pray about God's calling over our lives and what He has in store for us. Then, while I'm doing all those things, my thoughts and prayers are on the future again. But while all my thoughts are on the future... He is living here with me in the present. His eyes are on me in the now.

He never asked me to serve Him in the future. He asked me to worship Him today. In the now. Right here. I want to live my life in the present tense, appreciating Him for Who He is today.

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