Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Want God More

We're on day 18 of a fast today. Kenneth is just doing juice and water, while I'm on a modified Daniel Fast. I'm still breast feeding, so I figured I still need to eat, but there are things I can take out of my diet that I'll really miss. Like chocolate. And sugar, salt, meat, and grains. For Kenneth, the hardest thing has been going without coffee. Imagine... no coffee being brewed in the morning. No french press, no wonderful aroma in the kitchen. Wow, now that's a first for the Clark family.

That being said, this fast has been INCREDIBLE. We're on only day 18 of 40, so there's more to come. But so far, it's been great. We've spent most of our evenings in the office praying and reading the Bible. Usually, we couldn't wait to get the girls down by 8pm so we could fall on the couch and start watching whatever TV show we had recorded. (Because, let's face it, there's no watching anything with a fussing baby and a jabbering toddler in the room.) But, during this fast, we've made it a point to spend a lot more time with God. And it's been SO worth it.

We're both seeing things in scripture just jump out at us. We've read the stories before, but this time, there's so much more meaning in them. God is also revealing more about myself to me. It's something we really look forward to each day. Spending some time talking about what we've learned each day has been really good also. I still miss my chocolate and still wish for salt on my food, but every time I miss it, I remind myself that I want God more. I want more of Him, and I hunger for Him more than I hunger for my favorite foods. You know, God already knows how much I need Him... I'm the one who's seeing how much more of God I need.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Hope, I would love to hear how your fast finished out...I can't tell you how that moves me. Sharon sent me pictures--your family is so beautiful! Best wishes from the Deckers --Love, Dino