Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Serving Again

The time for serving has begun again.

It's been eight months since The Church At The Well closed down. We've had plenty of rest and a season of re-prioritizing. We've spent time doing nothing, spent time expecting God to do something, and then spent time thinking about making something happen ourselves. And now we've come back to being willing to just do whatever He wishes.

Gee. Wish we'd have gotten to that conclusion sooner. But hey, each day of the journey is important.

I've recently accepted a position as Worship Leader of a great local church in the area, Church Alive. It's a small, six year old church, with a love and passion for God. We're just about to move into the first permanent building the church has ever had. This church family is hungry to go to the next level of worship. And the foundation of the church is well set for stable, impacting growth.

I'm excited to be useful again. I'm excited to lead again. I'm excited to play, to learn, to teach, to dig deeper. It's a different direction than where I thought God was going to take us. But I've determined to let that be. This is where God has placed us. So I'm going to serve and love and give as much as I possibly can. And I'm excited to get started.

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Joey said...

That's awesome Hope!