Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baby Arguments

I had an argument with my five month old yesterday. It went like this.

Picking her up and holding her up in front of me, totally exasperated, I said, "What else do you want from me?! I feed you, change your poopy diapers, keep you clean, keep you safe, care for you.... And all you do is scream at me!"

Pouty deer-in-head-lights face stares at me then melts back into crying again.

"I don't understand Moriah! I've been right here in the same room with you all day! There's nothing wrong with you. Why are you crying?!?"

Crying continues.

Totally irritated, I carry her over to the rocker, lay her down on the Boppy in my lap, and just sit there, pressing my fingers into my temples. I am seriously OVER the crying. After a minute she stops crying and I look down.

She grins.

I start rocking in my chair, making "Woo-sahhh" sounds, trying to calm down. She giggles.

Some how I have got to figure out how to embrace the fact that my daughter just wants to be held 24/7. Nope, she's not out to get me. She's not trying to ruin my day or prevent me from getting anything accomplished. She. Just. Wants. To. Be. Held. She likes her mommy. Is that such a bad thing? No. So I need to be thankful and embrace it.

Wooooo...saaahhhhh. Woooooooooo......saaahhhhhhh.


Emily said...

Oh friend! I will pray for you! I LOVE baby bjorns... my sis-in-law loves her moby wrap. Just in case you haven't tried that remedy. :-)

Hope R. Clark said...

Hey Girl! Yes, we have a Jeep carrier, just like a Bjorn. She loves it, too. But my back gets tired of it after a while. Moriah lived in it the first couple of months. Now I'm just tired of using it all the time. But maybe I should strap it on every once in a while to avoid days like that!

Stacey said...

Have you ever seen or used a moby wrap? They are awesome and don't hurt your back.

Hope R. Clark said...

I just googled moby wraps and they look like a great product. I may keep my eyes open for a used one and try that. Thanks for the tip!

Stacey said...

Maybe you could get one used off of Amazon or Greg's List or something. Just a thought. ;o)