Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Selah Is Two!

Selah is two years old now. Wow. Hard to believe.

We had a great time at the park on Sunday with all her friends, swinging and sliding and chasing after balls...eating pizza and cake icing, laughing and hiding from the cold in our sweaters.

So this morning, we tried potty training. Again. Selah is running around the house in her new underware, ready at any moment to dash to the bathroom and go "pee in the potty." She is well aware that she will get two gummy bears if she does.

So after running to the bathroom about 40 times with no results, I find her sitting in her Elmo chair watching Dora the Explorer. Her underware are soaked, her socks are soaked, and poor Elmo probably got the brunt of it.

As I'm taking her to the potty yet again, carefully explaining again that underware are not for peeing in, she is looking at me like I'm crazy. Her wet underware weren't bothering her at all. She couldn't understand why I was acting strange.

I just sighed. I guess you'd look at me crazy too, if you had been peeing and pooping in your pants for two years and nobody thought it was strange. So much for my potty training attempts for the day.

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