Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Begining Of Freedom

I was reading in Exodus today about when Moses and Aaron first went to Pharaoh to ask that the Israelites by released from slavery so they could worship their God.

Pharaoh got to mad that they were even asking, that he accused them all of having too much time on their hands. He ordered that they now gather their own straw for brinks (instead of it being given to them) and that they still make the same quota of bricks. When the people couldn't make the quota, the foremen were beaten. They were beaten so much that the foremen were angry with Moses and Aaron for speaking with Pharaoh in the first place, and they asked God to judge Moses and Aaron for what they had done. Obviously, they no longer believed that God was the One who instructed Moses and Aaron to speak with Pharaoh.

It took some time for all that to happen. A lot of sweat, hard work, and long days. I'm sure that many were beaten. Not once, but repeatedly. And this was just the beginning of the freedom, release, and breakthrough that God had promised. They were already ready to quit and just go back to the hardship that was their life before. In fact, it became so much worse, that they thought that it was not of God.

It made me wonder.... What area of freedom has God promised me, that I have turned away from, because the beginning of the freedom felt like too much hardship?

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