Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Long-Time Friends

Last week I took a quick flight to Tennessee with our girls to visit a good friend of mine. I got to see my family quite a bit while I was there, which made the trip even better.

While it was very challenging to travel with a six month old and a two year old by myself, we did it--and it was totally worth it. (Thank you to the two gentlemen who carried the car seat part of the way through security for me!)

My friend and I got to spend some extended time together, just hanging out and talking. One of the things I have grown to value about her is the fact that we've known each other for most of our lives--over twenty years now. We met when we were eight. We became really close in high school. While we've lost touch at different times as we've grown older, and we've changed and grown and experienced highs and lows... it's still very easy for us to reconnect because the core of who we are is still the same as those eight year old girls.

Life has taken us in very different directions. We have experienced vastly different things. And we have different opinions about a lot of things. But I appreciate that... it's good to have a close, honest friend who sees things differently than you do and who isn't afraid to tell you. But though time and space have separated us, my heart has always stayed close to my friend. I care about her so much, and I think about her often. I remember a particularly difficult season of her life when I spent many hours crying on my closet floor as I prayed for her.

It's a wonderful thing to have a friend who's seen you through it all and is still interested in getting to know who you are becoming. May God be with her today!


rachael said...

I do feel 8 years old inside. How did you know? I love you dearly and feel very blessed to have a friend like you. You have been there for me during very difficult times in life. Thanks for taking the time to be a great friend.

Hope R. Clark said...

You are so welcome. Thank you for always writing back! ;)