Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Play Date Faux Pa

Selah, at two years old is usually amazingly polite and giving. She shares well, gives well, says "yes ma'am", "please", and "thank you" all the time. People are always commenting on how enjoyable and well behaved she it. (Oh, is that a pat on my back? Uh huh. Why thank you, thank you.)

So, the other day we had a friend of her's--same age--over for dinner for the first time. (Well, the whole family came and we had a great time hanging out.) Selah's friend is more clingy than she is--or perhaps Selah is just more prone to independent play, while her friend loves a lot of interaction. At one point in the evening, we heard Selah's friend loudly and repeatedly calling for her from the other room. After a few minutes, all four parents stopped our conversation and focused our attention on Selah, who had appeared at Kenneth's side.

"Selah, why don't you go play with your friend?"


"What's wrong? You like her! Don't you want to play with her?


"Well, I like her. I want to go play with her."

"Ok! Den you go pay wif her."

So much for being polite. At least I can count on her being honest!

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Stacey said...

That is sooo cute...and very "two years old". :o)