Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mourning The Passing

Two people I know have passed away this past weekend. One was only 27 and just beginning the prime of his life. He was always full of laughter and fun. The other had finally lost the fight against cancer, but won the spiritual war for her soul. She got saved in the last few years of her life.

Death so often catches us off guard. It's as if we expect life to go on just like it did yesterday, with no changes, no stops. And when it stops, we're often caught in a web of remorse and regret, wishing to be able to relive those last few precious weeks and days over. So many people say with shattered grief, "I was just talking to him/her yesterday...." It's so final. No more opportunities to speak, listen, laugh, or share with them.

It makes me stop and take stock of what's really important. What is precious and what is not. May I never take for granted what is gift each day. May I never get so caught up in the next best thing, that I forget to cherish the here and now. May I never lose a moment to speak, listen, laugh, or share with the ones I love.


Stacey said...

Hope I am sorry to hear about your losses. "Living in the moment"... I need to remember to do this more often...cherish the small things and not focus too much on what is to come.

Hope R. Clark said...

Yes...so true. Loss is such a good teacher.