Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cheers To Brothers

My younger brother is 30 years old today. I'm proud to be his sister and love him very much. There were days when we didn't know if he would survive this many years. I'm really glad he's still here. I was just thinking about him and thought I'd share a few stories.

As little ones, we did everything together. I remember picking blueberries and blackberries out in the woods behind our house for weeks during the summers. We'd be gone for hours, planning to bring back buckets for pies and jam. I think the most we ever brought back was two cups.

One time, we were "digging for gold" in our yard. (It was really chunks of black coal that you could find in the dirt just about anywhere in the hills of Tennessee.) I think we were about 6 and 8. I swung my pick down into the ground just has he was bending over to look at where I was swinging. The pick struck him right on the top of the head. He began bleeding immediately and ran screaming to Mom who was running out of the house to see what had happened. As soon as I saw Mom take him inside, I ran crying into the woods vowing to never come home because I was sure that I had killed my little brother. I ran for nearly an hour. It took me longer to get back home. By the time I got home, he was all bandaged up and resting. I told him I was sorry, but we were both sullen for the rest of the day.

We would go outside with friends just as the sun was setting and play cops and robbers. We used carved wooden guns and played on the honor system... if someone said that they got you, then you were out of the game. We'd play for hours, finally coming inside all sweaty and exhausted. Man, that was fun.

Showing sheep in 4-H. Making the halters and walking them out in the field for practice.

Playing Monopoly and Risk until I thought my eyeballs would fall out.

We'd walk out to the hay bard behind our house and climb high up onto the top of the hay stacks. They were round bales stacked three high, so we were up pretty high. Then we'd stack old vegetable cans on one end of the loft and shoot them down with our BB guns. I had a Daisy rifle. Oh yeah, Baby.

Climbing trees. Riding bikes. Riding the horses. Mowing the lawn. Raking leaves. Taking walks. Building forts in the woods. Watching "The Dukes Of Hazard" every evening at 5:30pm. The list of things we did together goes on and on.

So, cheers to my brother. I love you, Bro!

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