Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Catching Moments With Him

Some days I'm being pulled, wandering in a fog of fixing, cleaning, helping, watching, picking up, doing, feeding, changing... it's reactionary, repetitive, and totally dominated by the immediate next needs of someone--or something--else. And some days I'm driving in an all out race to accomplish a task, list, or project that is self determined and desired...above and beyond all the reactionary stuff that must "get done" as well.

Then there are the days when my mind is neither on cruise control nor on overdrive. Days when I live in that beautiful in between. I am neither being driven, nor am I driving. I am living. I am breathing the moment. I am fully present where I am, rather than prioritizing five tasks ahead, or getting distracted with three tasks at a time. And I find that I really like being there. I have also found that God and I catch the sweetest moments together when I actually spend my days living.

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