Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Going To Blockbuster with a Two Year Old

Selah: "Mommy, where we go?"

Me: "We're going to Blockbuster...the movie store."

Selah: "Oh! Can I go in, Mommy??"

Me: "Yes, you may!"

Selah: "Yeah!! Thank you!" After a minute... "Mommy, what we do?"

Me: "Well, we're going there to find a movie."

Selah: "Oh!" Apparently very satisfied with that answer.

When we get to Blockbuster, I walk through the door and look around for the new release area.

Selah walks through the door, looks around, and promptly shouts out, "Mooooovvvieee!!! Where are you?? Come baaaaack!"

Obviously, she knows more about finding movies than I do.


Stacey said...

HAHAHAHAHHA....that is funny!!!

Hope R. Clark said...

I know! I will never think of Blockbuster the same again. How many years have I been going to Blockbuster to "find" a movie and I never thought to do that!? ;)