Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Conversations With A Two (and a half ) Year Old

Me: "Selah, did you know that God made the trees?"

Selah: "Yeeees! An...and....an... and God made the stars! and the sky! and the sun! and the leaves! and the air.... (Looks outside the window and thinks for a minute.) And angels made the cars."


Kenneth, excited and happy, says, "Selah! Papa lost FIVE pounds this week!!"

Selah, sitting at the counter, throws her face in her hands and slumps, saying, "Oh nooooo! Now we have to find dem...."


Kenneth was in the bathroom doing his business when Selah came in.

"Papa, why are you sad?"

"I'm not sad, Selah... I'm just.... trying to go to the bathroom."

"Oh. ... You need sum space?"

"Yes, Selah... that would be great." He closes the door and she stands directly outside for a minute before asking...

"Papa? You feel better yet?"

"No, Selah."

"Oh. Okay... (sharp inhale) I know!! I will play and sing for you! I be right back.... STAY there!"
Two minutes later, she returns with her play keyboard. She opens the door, puts it down right at his feet and begins to tap a haphazard melody on the keys while singing...

"Fwink-le Fwink-le Lit-tle Staaaar.... how I wonder what you aaaarre! Up above da worl so high, like a dimer in da sky.... (Kenneth begins to break a smile... how could you not??)... fwink-le fwink-le lit-tle staaarrr... how I wonder what you aaaaaarrrreee!!! (sharp inhale as she sees Kenneth's smile) Seee Papa?!?! I cheer you up!!!"


Mitzi said...

Made me smile.

Hope R. Clark said...

Me too. :) Glad it brightened your day!