Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fresh Air

It feels like something has shifted in the Clark home over the past month or so. A breath of fresh air has blown in.

And that's not just the 65-80 degree weather of Fall blowing through our open windows. Central Florida has finally lost the heat and become just gorgeous outside. Park play dates abound. Selah, at 2 years, 9 months, is talking about everything. And Moriah, at 13 months, has finally taken off walking everywhere. I LOVE being their Mommy. :)

Suddenly, it feels after so much "same-old-ness", there is excitement, and anticipation, expectation... like the sleeping embers of our hearts have been breathed upon. We are beginning to feel alive again.

We've begun to really work on some things that have been on our hearts and minds, but until now, haven't really been something we've taken action on. Almost like dreams, or wish lists... but it seems that just in the past few weeks, the door has opened for us to begin to work on them.

For me, I've been doing a lot of creative writing. I'm working on a children's book project with my mother-in-law that I'm so excited about. More to come later. I'm also writing music and hope to do some more recording in the next few months. For Kenneth, we're working on some fantastic ideas about a creating a sending organization that would take missions into the corporate world. We also are tentatively planning on taking a missions trip this coming Spring.

A lot's going on. And it's all in the foundational stages... but it feels SO good. More to come later. :)


Kameron Lombard said...

Very cool to read about all that's going on!

Hope R. Clark said...

Thanks Kameron! Can't wait to see you guys soon... :)