Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Never Would Have Made It

I got to talk to an old friend yesterday. Hadn't spoken to him in over fifteen years. We have many shared memories from my childhood and he reminded me of some really good ones. Thanks friend! Much love to your family. :)

Something stuck with me after we spoke. My life today resembles nothing about my childhood. I'm still in communication with only a handful of people from then... my paradigm has changed, my location has changed... I'VE changed. Thinking about my childhood is like thinking about an entirely different world... and it was only twenty years ago!

Only one thing has remained constant every day of my life. And that's God's nearness. I haven't always been close to Him. Friend and family have come and gone... and some come back again. But even when I didn't know it, my God was with me... walking beside, sometimes carrying me through every season. It's incredibly humbling to look back over my life thus far and know that I could never, would never be where I am now without Him. Marvin Sapp is right... I never would have made it.

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