Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Christmas To Remember

There we were on Christmas day, standing in the San Antonio airport at the ticket counter, all prepared to fly home. We had had a wonderful week with Kenneth's family and didn't want to go, but it was time.

The girls both had their coats on, the bags were packed so that they both had two pounds to spare so we wouldn't get charged extra, and we had an extra carry on full of fun Christmas gifts--not to mention a diaper bag packed full of food, snacks, games, and books.

"I'm sorry, Sir. Your flight has been canceled. You have been rescheduled to leave tomorrow."

We both heard her, but for some inexplicable reason, we both said, "What?"

"Due to bad weather in Atlanta this weekend, all our flights going through Atlanta today have been canceled. You are now scheduled to leave tomorrow morning."

And so began the trek back to Kenneth's family's house, and the emergency phone calls. Several calls were to set up someone to lead worship the following Sunday morning, one to make sure our dog sitter would keep him an extra day, one to make sure the parking garage would keep our car an extra day, and one to Kenneth's work in case we didn't make it back for work on Monday.

But after everything was settled, and we got up to date on what was going on with the weather (What can I say? It was Christmas week... I didn't even THINK of watching the weather or the news or doing anything remotely informative besides reading the ingredients on the back of my chocolate bar.), then we were finally able to enjoy one more day with Kenneth's family. And it happened to be Christmas Day!

So, for the first time ever, the Earles family and both of the Earles' adopted children, and their spouses, and their children, were all under one roof together. It was pretty cool. :)

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