Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thank You For Your Time

So, there we were a few days ago, on our trip to good ol' Wally-world for some groceries. It was Friday morning and all the old folks were shuffling around Walmart, smiling at the girls as they sat in the massive made-for-children grocery cart munching on Cheerios, while I moved down my shopping list.

We got out to the car and I began unloading grocery bags into the back of the truck when I noticed something in one of the bags. A box of chewy fruit and nut granola bars. What's that doing there? I didn't buy that. Then I remember seeing it next to the cash register when we checked out. The cashier must have accidentally put it in our grocery bag. Sweet! Free food! A blessing! Then I checked the receipt... yep, I paid for them. Oh well, the girls will eat them. Wouldn't be bad to have them on hand. We loaded up and began to make our slow way out of the busy Walmart parking lot.

I pulled up to the stop sign at the edge of the parking lot and sat, waiting for on-coming traffic on the street. Then I noticed a guy on the other side of our car, standing off to the side of the road, holding up a sign that says, "Hungry. Anything would help." He looked homeless, and obviously hungry.

My first thought was the granola bars. I smiled... Obviously they didn't find their way into our bag accidentally. I put the truck in park, punched the emergency lights on, and jumped out. It took me a minute to find them in the bag in the back of the truck, but when I did, I just jogged over to the man and gave him the box. He was so grateful. "Oh Ma'am, thank you so much for taking the time!" Cars had lined up behind me and they just waited until I got back and could pull out into the street and be on my way.

Time. He was so grateful... not for the money, or the food... he knew what it was that people don't want to give. Their time.

I thought about that the whole way home. MY time...As if it's mine... as if I own it. But my life is not my own. I gave it away a long time ago. Besides that, it took me less than 90 seconds to give that man a meal that cost me only $2.00. And it felt WONDERFUL. I was so glad that God chose me that day to be the hand that He used to feed a hungry man.

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