Saturday, January 29, 2011

So, Kenneth decided to take the girls out for a walk. Moriah, 16 months old, road in the jogging stroller. Selah, almost three, rode on her cute little bicycle, complete with helmet and training wheels. She loves riding her bicycle.

Kenneth was walking at a fast clip with Selah riding up ahead, when he started hearing this whine coming from her direction. Then the bike started to weave. She kept swerving, whining and whimpering. Kenneth kept walking closer. Then she just stopped altogether and got off the bike, leaving it in the middle of the road. She grabbed her jeans, started hopping up and down, and then running in circles, whining, "I have to peeeeeeeeeee!!!!!" She was very upset, and very sincere.

"Well, Baby, we're not anywhere near the house. You'll have to ride for a bit more before we get home."

"Noooo! You push my bike! I can't ride...I have to peeeee!! (More whining and running in circles.) "I don't wanna pee in my pants!"

Ok. Time to make something happen. Kenneth thought for second. "Selah. Mrs. Kathy's house is around the corner. Let's ride over there and use her bathroom."

"Ok!" She jumped on the bike and peddled for her life, leaving him in the dust. She knew right where to go.

When they got there, Mrs. Kathy wasn't home. Oh boy. Kenneth parked Moriah in the stroller on the front walk. "Ok. Selah, come over here...behind this bush." He stood next to a bush on the side of their driveway, near the garage door. "Selah, you can pee here behind this bush."

"WHAT?! Noooooo!" More whining.

"Yes, Selah... Mommy and Papa have both peed outside before. You can do it. I will help you. Come here quick. He helped her pull down her pants and squat. He made sure that none of her clothes would get wet and just as she got going...

Mrs. Kathy pulled into the driveway.

You know you have good neighbors when they pull up to find you helping your toddler to pee on their bushes and it doesn't phase them.

Mrs. Kathy thought it was just fine..."My dog does it all the time!" Selah thought it was the most fantastic thing ever, and now asks to pee in the bushes every day.


Arissa said...

Love this story!! What a wonderful Papa, very creative. And also I wish Miss Kathy was MY neighbor!!

Hope R. Clark said...

I know! Ms. Kathy is awesome. :) Unfortunately, the whole thing was so cool to Selah that she tried to do it again today. We were out in the yard and suddenly I look over to see her, pants around the ankles, trying to pee in the middle of the yard. "Selah, what are you doing!?" She grins. "I want to go pee pee!"