Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Globalife Journeys Begins

So Kenneth and I have embarked on a new season. A few months ago, we started Globalife Journeys Inc., a non-profit organization that takes anyone who wants to go on a missions trip. Usually, people have to be associated with a church or charity organization to go and serve another culture. But there are so many people who have always wanted to go, but have no connections to do so. Globalife Journeys provides that avenue. School groups, corporate employees, organizations, clubs, individuals, families, you name it. We set it all up and lead the trip. You get to go, get down and dirty, and have one incredible life-changing experience.

We're still in the creative process. We've been working on details every day. Kenneth lost his job just over a month ago and the additional free time has been poured into establishing Globalife Journeys, a dream God gave him. Our first trip is in six weeks. Before we even get the website up, we'll have photos, tangible accomplishments, and stories galore. I'm so excited to see what God has in store, that I can barely wait for it! We'd love your prayers as we walk through this exciting new door. :)

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