Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nepal 2011

*Siggghhhhh*. Here I sit in my clean, dry, comfortable office at home...a million miles away from the dusty, crazy world I just left in Kathmandu.

The Globalife Journeys team arrived home safe and sound from Nepal a day and a half ago. The jet lag is still stubbornly clinging on by a nail, but I think I'll shake it today. Physically, I feel pretty good. Emotionally and mentally, I feel like I just got off a whirring merry-go-round... I'm standing up now, trying to get my bearings. I feel the ground underneath me and can see the objects right in front of me. Perhaps by tomorrow, my vision will have focused and I can start seeing things farther out. But I'm sure I'll be processing for a long time.

The trip was incredible. The time we spent with the children was so precious. The clothes and medical supplies we brought were excitedly received. The understanding that we received about the enormous need there floored us. The food, culture, and beauty of the people endeared them to us. I know we will go back.

As I process through all the incredible things we saw, participated in, and experienced, I'll share some of my thoughts with you. There are definitely some stories to tell! :)


Stacey said...

Looking forward to hearing more stories!! It sounds like the trip was life changing...for both you and the kids of Nepal.

Hope R. Clark said... was. The need is so deep there. I'm so grateful that I was able to go!