Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nepal 2011: Afterthoughts

We returned just over a month ago from our most recent missions trip. Life has resumed and plans for the next missions trip are in the works. The girls are thriving in the sun and enjoying our many play dates with friends. Kenneth is busy with interviews, working on the next trip, and being a fantastic father. I'm a little of everywhere... working on projects, enjoying play dates, making meals, giving baths, learning guitar (yes, I am still working on it), and more.

But the people I met on the other side of the world are still with me. The children who have overcome so much, and those who are still enduring too much... the men and women who are lost, searching for safety in the worship of a stone idol... the families who have so little.

This morning as I pulled onto the highway to go pick up a friend from the airport, I saw a low layer of smooth dark clouds above the horizon in the distance. They looked like rolling hills. Behind them were half a dozen sharply peaked white clouds that hovered there like the white-capped Himalayas of Nepal looking down on all the ground around them. Then, as I pulled into traffic, I saw a big red splash stain on the pavement where it looked like a large barrel of paint had taken it's last plunge, staining the road for days to come. It looked so like the red and yellow splash stains that covered the roads in Kathmandu the day before we left. The Hindus were celebrating "Holi", a festival where they throw water and powdered dye all over each other.

Then I drove past a palm tree. And I had to smile. Nepal may be on the other side of the world, and I may live here in sunny Florida... but my little world has been changed by getting to know their world. I will go back. I hope I can help to make a difference. And though they are far away, I will still pray for them very often.

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