Friday, May 13, 2011

Checklist Junkies

Had a very overwhelming day the other day. So much to do and so little time.

I remember being young and hearing my Mom sigh, "Oh, there are never enough hours in the day." And I would laugh, totally oblivious to all that she was trying to do. As far as I was concerned, there were already too many hours in the day...too many hours of school and not enough hours of afternoon outdoor play. Now it's my turn to sigh. Ah, the cycle of life.

Oh, one hand, I love it. If I don't have a lot to do, I create new things to do. But if I feel like there's too much and I can't catch up, I get overwhelmed. Silly if life was all about achievement and not all about relationship. But there seem to be so many "hats" I wear (wife, mother, cook, cleaner, launderer, play date organizer, admin assistant to my husband, worship leader to a team, friend, etc) and so many projects, calendars, lists, appointments... that sometimes even relational things get added to a list.

Hmm...time for a To Don't List to get written. So, for all you checklist junkies out there... I feel you. Let's all take a moment and breathe... "whoooooooo saaaaaaaahhhhh."

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