Thursday, May 5, 2011


Selah is now three years old and loves to talk your ear off.

As we drive by a big lake....
Selah: "Papa! Drive faster so the crocodiles won't get us!"
Kenneth: "Ok, Selah. I'm driving fast!"
Selah: "Yeah, cuz it will not be good if they get"
Kenneth: "What will they do if they get us?"
Selah: "They will croc us!"
Kenneth: "And what happens when they croc us?"
Selah: "We all get a stomach ache. So hurry, Papa! Don't let them get us!

Selah: "Mommy, I just want to sleep in the daddysan."
Me: Thinking for a minute... "You mean the papasan chair?"
Selah: "Oh, yeah. That."

Me: "Selah, I love you as big as the sky!"
Selah: (Looking to get tickled...) "Well, I love you as little as the sky!"

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