Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ordinary Moments With My Guitar

So, every since my experience leading worship in Nepal back in March, I've been working on learning guitar.

I'm working with a beginners guitar course online, so I'm able to move along to the next lesson whenever I'm ready. I'm advancing pretty slowly...maybe a lesson every two weeks or so. It's the practice time that gets me. Not that I don't like practicing... oh no. But because it's a toddler magnet.

Every time I pull it out, the girls fall all over one another trying to make the loudest, most torque filled strum possible, while uproarious laughter bubbles out of them. If one of them strums a particularly good (loud and distorted) one, they both jump up and down so excited to be making music. But alas, the music suddenly dies, so they both lurch forward together trying to make the next fabulously obnoxious strum.

After a few tense minutes of that, my concern for the guitar has overcome me and I "close down the music store". Then I shoo them back to watching Dora The Explorer, where I (thought I) had them settled in the first place.

Then my practice begins again. Tentative at first. (Down,up,down,up,-,up,down,-....switch chords...sing...switch chords....) Then more confident. Then the whole song comes crashing into a complete mangle of train-wreckage as I attempt to get the Bm chord right. Nope, still awful. Oh well. I get to try it again in 16 bars.

And just when I think I sound pretty good, I hear, "Baaaby!! Will you shut the door?? I can't hear anything over your changa-chang-chang!"

Ok, so I guess not that good.


Mimi said...

Keep practicing you'll get it.

Hope R. Clark said...

Thanks Mimi! I'm not going to give up. :)

Your Name Here... said...

you are one of the most talented people I know. I know a lot of people BTW.

Hope R. Clark said...

LOL... thanks. :)