Monday, July 11, 2011

Turn Up The AC

As the heat outside climbs higher and higher, I find myself getting a bit of cabin fever.

Even the girls want to go back inside after being outside for a bit. And as if the heat wasn't bad enough, the humidity is so thick, you can practically swallow it. But since I wanted a bit of fresh air, I took the girls by the park to play for a bit after an errand this morning. We only stayed 20 minutes. We were all dripping with sweat as we got back in the car--and a certain 21 month old was exhibiting signs of advanced stages of severe irritability, no doubt brought on by the excessive heat.

After we were back home for a few minutes, the air conditioning calmed everyone down--including me. After 30 minutes or so, my shirt no longer stuck to me, and I practically forgot about how hot it was outside as I continued my day in the shade of my cool house.

Thank God for air conditioning! Thank God for the person who invented that wonderful machine. And thank You, Lord, for providing one for me when You certainly didn't have to. Most people around the world, in hotter locations than I live, don't have the benefit of an air conditioner. And so I consider myself very, very blessed today.

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