Monday, August 8, 2011

I Am Casey Anthony

Just in case you were wondering where she went, she's living in my house. And she looks suspiciously like me. In fact, we're practically the same person.

And just in case you felt free to rip her a new one yet again for what you believe she did, I just wanted to stand up for a moment and share something. You might as well throw me in the fire, too.

You see, if you believe that she committed murder and got away with it, as I do... then she's not so different from me. Because I am also guilty of lying to cover up for myself. I'm guilty of manipulating and undermining in order to get my way. I'm guilty of being selfish and wanting my own way. I'm guilty of silencing others by refusing to listen them. I'm guilty of cutting others with words. I'm guilty of putting myself before family.

But the similarities don't end there. While the death sentence was swirling around over our heads, and an obvious sentence of judgement was expected... we were both handed a supernatural portion of grace.

Regardless of whether you think it was a maddening lack of condemning evidence, or a gift of grace from an ever-loving Father, I know what I believe. Because I received the same gift. So, the next time you see someone go off on a tirade about her, think not about the depth of her sins... think instead about a God who's grace can even reach into the clutches of death and rescue someone.


Kat Willcox said...

Well said and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing this.

Hope R. Clark said...

Thanks Kat! It's something I've been mulling over for a while now.

Iván said...

Oh, don't get God involved in this mess. The girl has been lucky with the lack of evidence. It's just that!
Why would God want to save some killers from prison, and let others be jailed? Ultimately, if you believe in Him, you should consider His trail in the afterlife infinitely much more important than if she avoids jail or not in the lifetime.
And don't dare to compare your sins with Casey's ones, unless you've killed someone. Many people lie, manipulate and are selfish and egoist to get their ways, etc, but they won't go as far as to kill someone to keep doing it.

Hope R. Clark said...

Hey Iván!
Thanks for stopping by and your thoughts. I do understand where you're coming from. I wouldn't begin to make assumptions about Casey's afterlife. And I would never categorically state that God did or didn't do something in someone else's life.

But I guess for me...I see her story as a picture of my life. I should have been condemned, but I was given mercy. It's less about measuring the depth of sin in someone, and it's more about marveling in His astounding, incomprehensible grace.

Your Name Here... said...

kablam. sing it sister

Hez said...

Very well put. How often do we judge the depths of other's sins while not even taking a chance to marvel in what God had done for not only us, but for them!