Friday, October 18, 2013

Statements That I Never Thought Would Come Out Of My Mouth

1. "Get your foot out of your sister's mouth!" (Said to Selah regarding Aliyah.)

I've decided to start a list. I'm sure anyone with children can relate. Here are the first six... all said within the last two years.

2. "For the umpteenth time, stop eating dog food!" (Said to both Moriah and Aliyah.)

Selah is almost 6, Moriah is 4, and Aliyah is 19 months. 

3. "How did you get your hair tangled in the toilet bowl brush?!" (To Aliyah.)

4. "You were sucking on a chunk of broken glass!?" (To Aliyah as I pulled it out of her mouth.)

5. "You found a penny AND a hair tie in her poop?!" (To Kenneth about Aliyah.)

6. "Why did you let your little sister drop rocks in the toilet WHILE you were pooping in it?!?" (To Moriah. Guess who had to fish those out?? Yep.)

I have a suspicion that there will be more to come.

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