Friday, April 11, 2014

Worship Isn't A Song

Worship isn't a song, a tempo, or a sound. And it's not an activity that we participate in every seven days. Those community gatherings (that we often refer to as "worship") are auditory articulation... the verbal and physical expressions of something more. Something intangible and deeply felt in the heart.

We can often place more focus on the symptoms of an illness, than on the actual illness. "She has a fever." So we take her temperature often, administer helpful remedies to reduce the fever, and try to make her feel cooler. We are relieved when the fever dissipates. All focus was on the fever... what temp it was, how long it lasted, what it looked like... not what actually caused the fever.

The fever was just a symptom...the body's outward response to an internal state. In the same way, the expression of worship is an outward symptom of our internal state of adoration. The true worship is our inner, innate response to a growing understanding of His deep love for us, and our appreciation for that love.

When that inner adoration is expressed outwardly, it doesn't have to look or sound a certain way. It can come out in thousands of ways. Like appreciating the smell of a flower He made, caring for a loved one He created, deciding to maintain your integrity in a sketchy situation out of your reverence for His presence with you, whispering to Him a "thank you", helping others when it's inconvenient because those people belong to Him, or improving yourself because you know His plans are waiting on you. All are outward demonstrations of an inner love.

But all these outward expressions of inner worship do have a certain feel to them. They feel like adoration. So instead of getting hung up on what our expression of worship looks like, let's focus on the state of our inner heart toward Him. And then the expression of that adoration will flow easily and come out in a multitude of forms.

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