Saturday, May 24, 2014

Homeschool Mom Graduate

Ok, so I just finished my first year as a home school mom.

Good night...What an education! I went through all the subjects... Ignorance. Naivety. Excitement. Syllabus shock. Overwhelm. Irritation. Determination. Exhaustion. Self-loathing. Neglect. Re-calibration. Acceptance. Self-appreciation. Enjoyment. Gratitude. (Whew....)

Had no idea it would be such a growing space for me. My daughter was a great teacher. Patient, forgiving, loving... but willing to push me in areas I needed growth. She was so well equipped to handle my particular form of self-centeredness. She really stretched me, and then gave me the grace I needed to move higher.

And now I've finally graduated. Wow... I made it. Can hardly believe I made it. And my daughter survived, too! In fact... she wants to do it again. **Deep breath.** Wow. Ok. Cool... I do, too. :)

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