Wednesday, June 24, 2015

David and Goliath

You know that thing that feels impossible to overcome?

You're just looking at your Goliath.
And at times it terrifies you because he's mocked you, spit on you, eluded you, and defeated you and many others for 40 days... or perhaps 40 years.

Your Goliath is not actually that "thing" that terrifies you...that great "mountain" in the way. Your Goliath is just a reflection of you. That part of you that hasn't been mastered yet. You are also the David who will be doing the mastering.

How many times have you read the story? Five? Ten? Twenty times? Do you know how it ends? Are you certain? Go back and read it if you need to.

Now that you're certain of who does the mastering...

Imagine you are standing there as David, staring at a before-now undefeated Goliath. He's spitting contempt at you because he's won before. BUT you have now come with the certainty in your eyes of one who has seized a bear and a lion by it's hair and mastered it. Of one who knows the God Who empowers. And of one who is CERTAIN of the end of the story. Certain of the outcome--not necessarily sure of how it would all look. Remember... he took five stones. Unsure of how long, how many throws it would take. But he was CERTAIN of the mastering.

Now, look at your Goliath. He is part of you, ready for you to master him. Haven't you already mastered a lion and a bear in your life? Decide that your Goliath will surrender to defeat. And decide that your David will master. If you are still feel uncertain of the end of this story, then go write it down and read it every single day until you can recite it by memory, feel it's truth inside, and see your Goliath with David's eyes of CERTAINTY.

Then, when your David is ready, step onto the field and DO the mastering.

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